A Brand new trailer for Disney’s sequel Tron Legacy  was released yesterday at Comic Con and it certainly shows incredibly impressive visuals, especially with the character of Cal, a young version of Jeff Bridges, played by Jeff Bridges.

The only thing that I have to say that is critical of the trailer is that the film does seem to be taking itself too seriously, but who knows the film may still turn out to be a fun adventure. Check out the trailer below.

Tron Legacy is scheduled for a December 17th release in Disney Digital 3-D and I-Max 3-D. It follows the story of Sam Flynn, who’s father has being missing for nearly 20 years. When Sam stumbles across this father’s old Tron arcade game, he is transported to the world where his father has been trapped in for all that time. An epic adventure takes place in the new Tron world with new vehicles, weapons and villains than ever before.