The rumour mill on this film is already full swing, despite the fact the script is yet to be complete and it isn’t out until 2012. But due to the success of 2008’s The Dark Knight, it’s hardly surprising the amount of buzz surrounding Christopher Nolan’s next installment.

The latest rumour, coming from, states that a casting grid for the currently titled Batman 3 lists The Riddler as the main villain. In addition to that, apparently an actor’s name was listed as interested for the role. That actor is none other than Joseph Gordon Levitt, who has just worked with Nolan on Inception. 

This would hardly be a surprise, as Nolan does like to work with the same actors on many of his films. But this should strictly be filed under rumour until we hear the news from the horse’s mouth by Nolan giving an official announcement.

Batman 3 is due to start filming next year for a July 2012 release.